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Explore the Menu for Mike’s Pizza & Subs in Sarnia

At Mike’s Pizza & Subs, we aim to create a menu so diverse and so inclusive that it would surely lay the pathway to world peace. Alas, all we’ve accomplished so far is to give Sarnia an amazing selection of meal options that are sure to please even the rowdiest bunch. And, don’t forget our Double Deals where you get two great pizzas or subs in Sarnia for a nice price!


For carryout or delivery (after 4 PM)— call Mike’s Pizza & Subs! Debit available for deliveries.

Pizza Pie - It's a beautiful thing!


Our Pizza Menu includes our specialty BBQ Chicken, Spicy Thai, and Garlic Lovers Pizzas! Available in small, medium, and large, our signature pizza pies are made with only the freshest ingredients.

Stand back, our pizzas are edgy! At Mike’s Pizza & Subs, we put our pizza toppings as close to the edge as possible, giving you more to love in every bite. Call Mike’s Pizza & Subs for carryout or delivery (after 4 PM)!

Pizza Sizes

Small: 10” (6 slices)

Medium: 12” (8 slices)

Large: 14" (12 slices)


Choose your favourite toppings! We offer: pepperoni, bacon, ham, mushrooms, Italian sausage, ground beef, onions, green peppers, pineapple, green olives, hot peppers, tomatoes, feta, and minced garlic.

1-Topping Pizza

Small: $11.00 (Double Deal: $20.00)
Medium: $12.50 (Double Deal: $23.00)
Large: $15.50 (Double Deal: $27.00)

2-Topping Pizza

Small: $12.00 (Double Deal: $21.00)
Medium: $14.50 (Double Deal: $24.00)
Large: $17.50 (Double Deal: $28.00)

3-Topping Pizza

Small: $12.50 (Double Deal: $22.00)
Medium: $15.50 (Double Deal: $25.00)
Large: $18.50 (Double Deal: $30.00)

4-Topping Pizza

Small: $13.00 (Double Deal: $23.00)
Medium: $16.00 (Double Deal: $26.00)
Large: $19.00 (Double Deal: $32.00)

5-Topping Pizza

Small: $13.50 (Double Deal: $24.00)
Medium: $16.50 (Double Deal: $27.00)
Large: $19.50 (Double Deal: $34.00)

Add Extra Cheese or Feta

Small: $2.00 per pie
Medium: $2.50 per pie
Large: $3.00 per pie

Topping Tuesdays

Get 6 toppings for your large pizza!
Note: This deal is $16.00 plus tax and does not include double toppings.

BBQ Chicken

Small: $13.00
Medium: $16.00
Large: $19.00

Spicy Thai

Small: $13.00
Medium: $16.00
Large: $19.00

Garlic Lovers

Small: $11.00
Medium: $13.50
Large: $16.50


$9.00 (Double Deal: $17.00)


$9.00 (Double Deal: $17.00)


$9.00 (Double Deal: $17.00)


$9.00 (Double Deal: $17.00)

Cheese & Veggie

$9.00 (Double Deal: $17.00)

Meat Ball Sub

$10.00 (Double Deal: $19.00)

Chicken Pita

$10.00 (Double Deal: $18.00)

Gyros Sub

$10.00 (Double Deal: $18.00)

Super Assorted

$10.00 (Double Deal: $19.00)

Roast Turkey

$10.00 (Double Deal: $19.00)

Oven Baked Pizza Sub



More than a pizza shop, Mike’s Pizza & Subs has an awesome selection of subs available for carryout or delivery (after 4 PM). Bring Mike’s to your door— give us a call today!

Our sub selections include:

Pitas, Gyros & More

Can’t choose between a pizza and a sub? Mike’s “Oven Baked Pizza Sub” for $10.00 is the perfect solution for those who refuse to compromise.

Specialty Items

Chicken Wings: $13.00

Chicken Fingers & Fries: $13.00

Fish & Chips: $13.00

Lasagna: $12.00

Panzerotti (baked or fried): $13.00

Pafio: $13.00

Souvlaki: $9.00

Gyros on a Pita: $9.00

Veggie Pita: $8.00


French Fries: $6.00 (small), $9.00 (large)

Onion Rings: $8.00 (small), $10.00 (large)

Poutine: $8.00 (small), $10.00 (large)

Potato Wedges: $8.00(small), $10.00 (large)

Garlic Bread: $10.00 (large) (add bacon $2.00)

Greek Salad:  $8.00 (small), $10.00 (large)

Caesar Salad: $8.00 (small), $10.00 (large)

Note: Please add tax and delivery surcharge to final order price.


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